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Pineapples is a paperless, online client card system where users can upload images and text specific to each customer. You can now store, upload and share your photos all from the same app!

We have made the first month free so you can make sure that Pineapples is right for you...

P.S Pineapples is only $30 per month after your trial period ends!

Enjoy x


Pineapples is the perfect app for those running their own small business.


Salon owners who would like to simplify their every day tasks with the touch of a few buttons can relish in this simple yet effective online client card system.


Never forget someones colour again.   


Pineapples is also the ideal app for a medium to large sized business.

Used in a slightly different way for larger salons, this app can completely eliminate the old paper client cards that we are all so familiar with. 

Now, not only can your staff write down colours and cut styles digitally, they can take photos to store for later visits or share on social media straight off the app.


Karen Ward, Salon Owner 

Karen Ward Hair & Beauty

 "Being a busy hairdresser with a big clientele I was finding it hard to make sure I had documented all of my colour recipes and cutting techniques in an organised manner without having to go back and forth through my computer system.. 

I needed something to help me that was quick, easy to use and simple to drive, so being introduced to the Pineapples app was truely the best thing as a small business owner that I could come across... 

Now I have one place to easily click into that has all my clients past history including pictures of before and after they’re last visit.. Somewhere I can refer back to if they wanted the slightest change to the previous style or alter the tone or foil technique as it has all its own special place in the App..

I would definitely recommend Pineapples to not only the Hairdressing industry but to any business that needs to document and photograph they’re past services to keep a professional documentation of services given.. 

Thanks to Pineapples I can now be sure to give my clients the ultimate service and be truely attentive to they’re needs and not worry about forgetting the tiny details... " 

Alicia Williams, Artistic Director 

Irvin Day Hair Excellence

"Pineapples has made storing our clients information so much easier. From consultations to capturing the end result with a photo and quickly typing what you have done during the customers service that day.

I love using Pineapples!"


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